Speaking on the development, Mr.Aqeel Ahmed, COO DHISCO, said “At DHISCO, we sincerely value our customers and take all the necessary steps to ensure that the Personally Identifiable and confidential financial information passing through DHISCO infrastructure is safeguarded in line with internationally established norms or better. Protecting this critical information is imperative for us not only in building consumer trust but also in maintaining our industry leadership and integrity. We are happy to accept these industry certifications, which signify that DHISCO is a reliable company which complies by the highest level of data security and data governance.” Over the last few years, DHISCO has been strongly focused on excelling its systems and operating practices in order to address the growing cyber threat issues and evolving standards to achieve these certifications. Receiving the PCI certification and GDPR compliance will not only guard its clients against data breaches but also will give them a sense of security and confidence in the company’s processes. Get the full story at RateGain