The world of hotel marketing is vast and complex. Platforms such as Facebook can drive tons of traffic, but not always revenue. Other systems, such as Google’s AdWords, are typically focused on driving revenue. The trouble marketers can get into is when they think about all channels with a similar mindset. This can spell disaster. We have experienced something along these lines here at Fuel as well. When we became part of the beta with Google during the launch of Google Hotel Ads or “GHA” (formerly Hotel Price Ads or “HPA”), we put our PPC hat on and went to work. We soon realized that while GHA is a pay per click based campaign, the nuts and bolts were completely different. It was not an easy process to adapt our PPC mindsets from something like AdWords to GHA, but once we did we found opportunity and our clients found a great return on ad spend. This leads us to our key findings… You can’t apply the same thought process to all marketing channels, regardless of how similar they appear to be. This is something we all already know, but it is a good exercise to go over the main web-based marketing tools at a hotel’s disposal and look how the mindset and management changes. Seeing that there are countless channels to choose from such as Google AdWords, GHA, TripAdvisor, Instagram, Twitter, Outbrain (and related services), and many, many more, we decided to narrow our focus and look specifically what we consider the mandatory channels for a hotel. Get the full story at Fuel