The new program includes a mobile app, “Let’s Roam,” and a Web-video series with travel writer Courtney Scott, who also does Travelocity's "The Window Seat" microsite. She will be doing once-per-week segments on various destinations. The gnome will co-pilot (on her blog is a recent item with the gnome at Coachella). The new app is designed to help plan trips by creating itineraries from advice, information, pictures, videos and just about any other kind of content from others on their social networks who have been there, done that. If nobody in their networks have been to a given destination, the app brings in Travelocity content. The application is not intended solely as a marketing tool supporting the brand's personalization, inspiration and engagement ideals, explains Brad Wilson, CMO, North America. He tells Marketing Daily that it is also a cure for a side effect of digital access: anything you need is out there, but there's no single place to get it. The new app, he explains, funnels relevant social content to the user -- reversing the usual process in which the user has to be digitally peripatetic, veering around inside the travel funnel to rummage opinions and reviews. Get the full story at MediaPost