The website has continued to harvest Airbnb listings and shows on detailed maps the locations and requested rates of units in the larger New York City area. We have used this data to gain a better understanding of the potential implications of this new inventory on the hotel marketplace. (Please note that we have not independently verified the data.) Airbnb only shows unit listings and does not make data available for actual rooms sold, occupancy or revenue per available room. It is fair to assume, however, that the requested rate is pretty close to the achieved rate (what we normally refer to as average daily rate) because the room rate is not subject to impacts of corporate, government or AAA discounts. That is not to say that these discounts will not be available in the future, but for now it seems that for room rates on Airbnb “what you see is what you get.” The data is available only for specific points in time, and because owners can easily add or take down listings the actual monthly supply of Airbnb units fluctuates. That said, a percentage of the Airbnb inventory is offered by rental companies that offer multiple listings, so it is likely that they show their rooms online only when they are available. Get the full story at Hotel News Now