In a seminar called “Mobile: Why the biggest opportunities are now in the smallest moments,” Shaun Aukland, senior account executive at Google, said mobile use continues to grow. “Much of the usage growth is on mobile, but it’s not just usage,” Aukland said. “Mobile is the device people care most about whether it’s for work, research or leisure. The change is that we no longer ‘go online,’ we live online. And it has created what we call micro-moments—those times when we turn to a device with some urgency to learn, discover or buy something. It is an intent-rich moment. This is the new battleground—when people want to act.” “The phone is now the main screen,” Aukland said. “Mobile is not just for last-minute decisions, although that remains a strong component. And it’s not just about apps because half of travelers still use a company’s website after downloading their app. As a result of this shift toward mobile micro-moments, brand loyalty is eroding as consumers look to who can provide a solution right now.” Get the full story at Hotel News Now