Hospitality marketers already face myriad choices in how to reach their guests and targeted travel shoppers, whether through search, social media, display media, or email market- ing. And recent changes in how consumers access information only serve to compound this challenge. These changes have been driven by the emergence of new devices that allow con- sumers to access media and services where and when they want, using one - or more - of four key screens: - Television - PC (desktop or laptop) - Mobile (specifically 3G, 4G, and Wifi-enabled smartphones) - Tablet computers (such as the iPad, Nexus, Galaxy Note, or Kindle Fire ) This “4 screen” landscape offers a variety of challenges for hospitality marketers. However, the opportunities avail- able to marketers due to this “anytime, anywhere” access to information far outweighs the downsides—so long as you take advantage of them. According to recent research, nearly 90% of all media consumption every day occurs across these 4 screens. Televisions, PCs, mobile devices like smart phones, and tablets have replaced newspapers and magazines as many consumers’ go-to source for information and entertainment. Your ability to reach your customers going forward depends on your ability to reach across these 4 screens at the right time to engage and attract potential guests. This paper seeks to help you adapt your efforts to do just that. Download the free whitepaper at Vizergy (free registration) Read also "The Truth is in the Numbers: 2013 is Undoubtedly the Year of the Three Screens in Hospitality" at HeBS Digital