Forget peepholes: Four Seasons Silicon Valley in East Palo Alto, Calif., has replaced door peepholes with in-room LCD displays of whomever is knocking at your door. Oh, and they offer printers in each room along with Wi-Fi options too. Forget room keys: Blow Up Hall 5050 in Poznan, Poland, issues iPhones to guests that guide them to their rooms. But not everyone may feel comfortable at this hotel: "The place is half interactive art project, half high-design boutique hotel -- guests in its stylish public spaces are monitored on video, and their images are incorporated into a real-time video installation," according to Good to know. Forget your laptop: Leave your computer home if you stay at the Nymphe Strandhotel & Apartments in Binz, Germany. Every room comes with a Mac -- along with Wi-Fi, TV, DVD, and an iPod docking station -- in what's described as an Apple Multimedia Lifestyle hotel. Get the full story at the Los Angeles Times and