But in 2015 there were still plenty of new developments in tools, technologies and methods that were adopted enthusiastically by the travel industry. One of the most interesting new tools was the rather sudden emergence of streaming video apps. There was the launch of Meerkat which was quickly followed by Twitter’s own Periscope app, which allowed anyone to ‘broadcast’ live video from anywhere using just a mobile phone. Periscope soon came to dominate the market and was adopted for quickly arranged ‘backstage’ style campaigns by many brands. Later in the year some companies started to use Periscope for more ambitious campaigns, including Royal Caribbean’s ‘Come Seek’ campaign. Here they used the app to connect travellers on the cruise ship Anthem of the Seas to select digital out-of-home displays in New York. Perhaps few people saw the actual live broadcasts on these displays, but as is often the case in digital marketing, the payoff was the indirect coverage in media, which attracted attention from the millennial consumers that Royal Caribbean aimed to reach. Get the full story at EyeForTravel