Aside from the fact that hoteliers really know how to party — we have the blisters on our feet from last night’s party to prove it! — we discovered so much about an industry that feels more exciting and inspirational than ever. Here’s our pick of the learnings: 1. There's nothing better than bringing hoteliers together Sound schmaltzy? Maybe - but it's true. The Summit was absolutely fizzing with energy from start to finish, as hoteliers opened up about what they loved (and hated!) about the ever-changing online travel industry. One hotelier told us, "I used to think I was the only one with the problems at my hotel - but then I came here and I heard everyone struggling with the same. I love it." Another, "the content is amazing. I'm leaving with a bunch of notes on actions that I can take back to my hotel and share with my whole team!" Get the full story at Triptease