The leader of McKinsey’s consumer digital-excellence initiative, Brian Gregg, hosted a recent installment of McKinsey’s Discussions on Digital podcast, a series that brings together digital leaders to explore emerging issues facing the business world. Here's an edited version of their conversation. A golden age for marketing? Brian Gregg, McKinsey partner and leader of consumer digital-excellence initiative: The marketer has never been under more pressure to drive growth and increase return on investment. On the other hand, the marketer has never had this much data or opportunities to connect with consumers. So I’m curious: In your own mind, is this a golden age for marketing? Jennifer Betka, CMO of StubHub: We probably all agree that marketing is a mix of art and science, and from a science perspective, with all this data, I think it’s definitely the golden age. But when you really understand marketing as a mix of art and science, I just can’t agree that we’re in the golden age of marketing. There’s so much content being created—by users, by artists, by designers. And there’s a lot of competition for attention, and the demands of speed and immediacy demand that many things being produced don’t have artistic quality, or even data integrity. Peter Kim, CEO of Mighty Hive: To me, it’s the fun age. We get to figure out meaty problems, like: How do you preserve the art while leveraging the science? How do you organize a company and execute a marketing plan in order to have real leverage provided by the new technologies that have come out? Get the full story at The McKinsey Quarterly