There is a complex range of channel managers, revenue management platforms, property management systems and central reservation systems, all existing to help hotels manage bookings. All understand the importance of accurate data and the need to continuously optimise its flow to maximise conversion. But while each serves its own interests within a maelstrom of rapidly changing technologies and fast-evolving consumer habits, GTA is gathering its tools and expertise to give all hotels the confidence to explore the opportunities opening to them. We have widened the ways that hotels can welcome more customers through the strength of our people, our wide-reaching presence and the performance of our technology and innovations. Static contracts are today complemented by our margin agreements which make dynamic pricing and revenue management more possible. They let our hotel partners act on rapidly changing market forces, sell more room types and reach higher average daily rates. To date over 4000 hotels have taken advantage and have benefitted from an additional one million room nights. We have completely replaced our XML interface for travel sellers with state of the art technology to provide high performance and stability when working with GTA. It all means that when suppliers give us great allocations, deals and more, we can push them to travel sellers – and travellers – around the world. Get the full story at GTA