HSMAI: As we get in to 2016, what do you see as the biggest disruptors in the hotel industry? Dr. Rach: Whatever the next disruption, it will be from outside the industry, a company and idea that simply reimagines a service or product in response to client desires. When this has happened (OTA's and AirBNB), hotel companies have not moved to combat the disruptor early on. Rather than address client desires, the companies debate legal ramifications of a disruptor which accomplishes very little and allows the disruptor to take market share by addressing service and convenience gaps that have been ignored by legacy hotel companies. HSMAI: How can hotel companies be more proative now? Dr. Rach: The first order of business should be a response to disrupters as they enter the marketplace. To accomplish this, business models must be modernized to a 21st century reality which includes using client data to produce targeted, customized experiences. To become a 21st century company requires a willingness to risk, to move away from traditional thinking in order to bend where previously there was only a straight line response. Get the full story at HSMAI