Christopher Soghoian, a computer security student at Indiana University Bloomington built the Web site to underscore an airport security weakness, he wrote. The site was spotlighted late last week after Wired News and ABC News reported on it. U.S. Rep. Edward Markey, a Massachusetts Democrat, called for Soghoian's arrest, but then backed off on Sunday.

Soghoian's "Northwest Airlines Boarding Pass Generator" let people create boarding passes that look virtually identical to the ones printed from the Northwest Airlines Web site. They could be used to get past airport security, but not to get on an airplane, because the airline would have no record of the reservation, Soghoian said.

"I have not flown, or even attempted to enter the airport with one of these fake boarding passes," Soghoian wrote Friday. "I haven't even printed one out. All I have done is create PHP script, which highlights a security hole made public by others before me."

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