The Taiwan Tourism Bureau had a challenge common to many tourism bodies: a desire to cost-effectively promote a destination and drive tourism during a global downturn in travel, and a very tough economic environment. It met the challenge head on, choosing Travelocity's global network of international online travel sites for the marketing task, rather than traditional advertising, to great advantage.

The result: A five-month, creative online campaign, targeting North America, and a ten-month campaign targeting Singapore and Hong Kong-based online travellers using Travelocity's network of online travel sites (, and and networks to reach travellers. The campaign began in July 2008 and is providing strong tourism results for Taiwan. In summary:

- 36,000,000 banner and integrated media impressions have been delivered so far.
- 24,000,000 emails have been delivered to travellers, featuring Taiwan messaging so far.

Results include:

- A 10% year-over-year increase in flight passenger arrivals into Taiwan from the Travelocity OTA sites, which are directly attributable to the campaign.
- A 27% increase in hotel room night bookings year-over-year for the same period.

Roshan Mendis, Director of Supplier Relations and Partnerships for Travelocity in Asia Pacific (ZUJI) said: "Our network of travel sites in Asia Pacific, Europe and North America attract around 6-billion page views monthly and more than 30-million unique users globally. This offers advertisers a cost efficient and very compelling way to raise their brand awareness with travellers, and drive traffic and/or sales locally, regionally or globally. We work with media partners and agencies to ensure we also bring and promote compelling travel deals and other advertiser messages which are relevant to a net-savvy, well travelled and exposed audience. In other words, ZUJI and Travelocity offer a compelling alternative to traditional, offline advertising."

Wayne Liu, Director of the International Affairs Division for the Taiwan Tourism Bureau said: