Start-ups and small businesses are always looking for more customers, and there are a lot of potential customers on the Internet, right? But what online strategy is going to help you to gain the customers you need in a cost-effective manner? Today, let’s dive into Facebook advertising. With 750 million members, and 225 million in the U.S. alone, there’s a large audience to reach. Similar to many other online sites, Facebook ads are a marketplace–you’re making a bid about how much you’ll pay to reach people, or how much you’ll pay if they take an action. (See some resources below for more info on how to use them.) There are a lot of people using Facebook to build their brand by increasing the amount of fans on their pages, and that is absolutely a good strategy for many companies. These fans are customers or customers waiting to happen. Fans are great–but what about revenue driven as a result of a specific advertising campaigns? Marketing 101: Your return on investment is the Gross Profit from that campaign minus the expense spent on the campaign, divided by the expense and that gives you a percentage, which you can compare to other marketing expenditures to see what is most effective for you. Get the full story at Inc. magazine