Bill Linehan has been asked the question more than once as executive VP and chief marketing officer at Red Lion Hotels Corporation, which in 2014 brought together a full suite of “best-in-class” service providers to tackle everything from digital marketing to revenue management to customer relationship management. “‘It’s just a bunch of systems, can’t anybody put those together?’” Linehan said, quoting the common inquiry from critics. “I have to chuckle at that. It’s an intricate bunch of systems that are working extremely well together with feature functionality requirements or they’re not allowed to work.” It’s not as simple as just plugging them in, he explained. They have to be wired seamlessly together. A change made to the marketing campaign on one side of the ecosystem triggers a domino of factors that touch every platform along the way. One misstep can throw the whole system into chaos, he said. Get the full story at Hotel News Now