Nontransactional sites are a necessary stop for many online travel shoppers, influencing not only what travelers buy, but also where they buy it. Travelers who visit planning and reviews, metasearch or other types of nontransactional websites have a higher conversion rate than other visitors – but the trend only applies for suppliers, according to PhoCusWright's Online Traffic and Conversion Report, Second Edition.

Air shoppers who visit both a nontransactional site and an airline supplier site convert at a much higher rate than other visitors. For example, airline website shoppers who also visit metasearch engines convert at 16%, while others convert at less than 10%. Those who visit nontransactional websites do not show any notable difference in conversion among OTA air shoppers.

The difference in conversion rates is less dramatic with hotel products, yet the trend still holds. Supplier websites still have higher conversion rates among nontransactional site visitors whereas OTAs generally do not. In fact, nontransactional site visitors often convert at a lower level on OTAs than other visitors.

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