The hospitality industry seems to be moving more and more to a commodity driven business model position, similar to what has been taking place in the airline industry over the past several years. However, more and more other business segments (i.e. financial, retail etc.) seem to be moving in the direction of customer experience for both building their business platform as well as a way to differentiate themselves from the competition. Do you have a customer experience focused business model and sales formula approach that moves the value proposition of your business towards the total customer experience, for ensuring a stronger connection with your customers? Are your brand dynamics in alignment with the customer experience for delivering the company's brand promise and ensuring the brand values are meeting and delivering the customer expectations? Does your organization see the customers as being a part of the business or as a separate entity, i.e. a culture of silo-ism around the customer, as opposed to your customer being in the center of your business? Get the full story at eHotelier