To find out, Ryan Solutions looked at over 100,000 hotel and resort social media posts shared during the last 12 months. We separated the posts that made some direct request for engagement (e.g., “Share this post for a chance…”) and compared the engagement rates on those posts to posts that didn’t. Asking for likes earned 1.3x as many likes, asking for comments saw 20x as many comments, and asking for shares led to 11x as many shares. Asking for retweets, however, did not lead to more retweets. If anything, there appears to be a slight dip in the retweet rate when retweets are requested. What’s most interesting about this is what happens when you compare this sample to that analysis Ryan Solutions did in 2013. Since then, engagement for posts that DON’T ask for engagement has dropped about 15-20% on average. But the average engagement on posts that DO ask for engagement has grown by more than 10%. Get the full story at Ryan Solutions