Customers may react in many different ways and the experience must therefore be carefully thought of and created. In a high tech world, people are longing for balance. The answer to high tech is high touch - that is emotions. Scenario A: High tech sapes guest experience The age of intelligent interaction between humans and machines started due to technology. This convergence is also known as the "second economy" or "third wave". It is expected that high tech will take control over the next 20 years to come. Here are some key High Tech rationales: - The "second economy", which is based on the Internet of Things (IoT), is the key element to enable the digitalisation of the overall economy - A higher vertical and horizontal integration of the supply chain will be possible as a result of the "second economy" - IoT will create physical devices, sensors and processors "intelligent", which will be based on CIBPs - Customer Integrated Business Processes Get the full story at Ecole Hotelier Lausanne Read also "The Lausanne Report - Shaping the future of hospitality industry - outlook 2030" at Ecole Hotelier Lausanne