TripAdvisor's list of the 10 dirtiest hotels in the U.S., released in January, is based on travelers' cleanliness ratings posted to the site. The Grand (which has nothing to do with Dolly Parton's Dollywood) earned thumbs down from 87% of more than 200 reviewers - including "JordynC," whose scathing critique of her January stay ended with "the best thing thing that could happen is that a meteor fall from the sky and reduce it to rubble." It's currently ranked 90 out of 96 Pigeon Forge hotels, based on 281 reviews. According to a report in The Mountain Press, the suit contends that TripAdvisor uses "a rating system which is flawed and inconsistent and distorts actual performance and perspective," and says "TripAdvisor has singled out [Grand Resort] and directly advised customers not to trust them." "Our complaint is that (TripAdvisor) went too far. Instead of just reporting what people said, they made a flat-out statement that it was the dirtiest," the Grand Resort Hotel's attorney, Sidney Gilreath, told USA TODAY. Get the full story at USA TODAY