introduced its free flight planner in Sweden. Already a success in English speaking markets, gives users some unique planning tools and options not seen before on the internet. The giant search engine includes more than 650 low-cost and legacy airlines worldwide.

Besides its size, has another unique feature: Users can create itineraries (all legs of a trip from A-B or A-B-C) from any combination of flights from all 650 airlines. Searching for the best way to go from e.g. a Swedish airport to a destination anywhere in the world, can combine time-tables and ticket prices to best fit the users' goals, whether it be price, travel time, number of stops, or several further options.

" was the first site to help people find low-cost flight connections," says Frosti Sigurjonsson, General Manager of "Low-cost airlines provide close to 30% of flights worldwide but they do not sell or facilitate connecting flights. Their route networks have until now operated in isolation from each other as well as the traditional airline networks. was built to meet the need for a powerful planner that includes all airlines in order to find better routes."

Unlike many commercial search engines, doesn't sell anything, but allows users to select the flights they want from the searches at and click through to buy directly from the airlines. With its size and features, aims at becoming the preferred starting point online for a very large share of Swedish travelers. has received great reviews from both users and airlines and recently made it to the "Flight Essentials" list.

For airlines and online travel agents offers a highly targeted advertising medium. has contracted with more than 200 travel suppliers and airlines around the world as well as Swedish ones.