avigation must be 100% transparent for the user to trust the web content and the business entity behind the web content. If the user starts thinking about the quirks of navigation, you will lose her as a prospect as well.

If your visitors start asking questions or silently chew on statements like the following, it means you have failed in the Don’t-Make-Me-Think test:

“Wow, that’s interesting, why did they put this link here?”

“Oops, what happened to the left sidebar?”

“Oh, great, I have no idea how to get back to that page now…”

“Why does this thing keep blinking?”

“I swear to god it was here just a second ago…”

“Now, why would anyone have a 3-layer drop-down menu with 20 options each?”

“Jeez, this lime-green text on pink background is just killing my eyes!”

The finger that points at the moon must not call attention to itself. If it does, we all start to watch the finger, not the moon. And your customers are lined up to pay for the moon’s beauty, not the up-close anatomy of a finger.

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