The hotel industry has to adapt and innovate. They can’t continue to let third-party distribution channels lead the way and be the ones giving consumers what they want. At the Revenue Strategy Summit the week before in Washington D.C., a company called HotelsByDay presented their business model to an audience of hoteliers. The response, from some, seemed to be more about how and why this couldn’t or wouldn’t work. I’m not sure how successful HotelsByDay will be, but I’m sure there’s consumer demand for what the startup is trying to offer. The technology company provides the ability for consumers to book rooms for a few hours at a time, during the day, instead of the typical 3 p.m. check-in and noon check-out. I would love that option, and I bet I’m not alone. I’ve booked an extra night before when I’ve had an evening flight just so I could have a quiet place for conference calls. Get the full story at Duetto