The BlackBerry can be as addictive as hard drugs, so it’s best not to take it on holiday with you, a US study suggests.
We are not talking here of the succulent fruit of the English hedgerow, but of the wireless hand-held electronic gadget that allows you to send and receive e-mails anywhere in the world, from the depths of Disneyland to the beaches of Tahiti.

In a study soon to be published in American academic journals Gayle Porter, professor of management at Rutgers University business school in Camden, New Jersey, foresees the day when workers will be able to sue their employers for insisting that they stay in touch with the office at all times.

“The fast and relentless pace of technology-enhanced work environments creates a source of stimulation that may become addictive,” Professor Porter says. In other words, if you set off on holiday with your BlackBerry, laptop and mobile phone, you may lose forever the ability to shut work out of your mind and relax.

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