Hoteliers should exercise caution in their link acquisition strategies and adopt a policy of quality over quantity. In the pre-Penguin landscape, search engines rewarded the pursuit of large quantities of less-than-relevant links. Post-Penguin, hoteliers and digital marketers must be more selective about the inbound links they choose to pursue. Google values websites that provide relevant information about in-demand topics and provide added value for Internet users. Conversely, search engines punish sites that chase after large numbers of links with little regard for quality or context. When budgeting for digital marketing efforts, hoteliers need to consider SEO efforts and link portfolio management as one and the same. - Perform Link Audits + Disavow Links as Needed:d It’s crucial to know where your links are coming from, which of those links are beneficial, and which could be dragging your site’s SEO performance down. Enlisting a hotel digital marketing firm to assess your link profile can offer a snapshot of your site’s current status and ideas for “addition by subtraction” – disavowal of low-quality and potentially harmful inbound links. Get the full story at HeBS Digital