Triptease sat down with Ralf Denke, Vice President E-Business of Deutsche Hospitality, to find out the advice he'd give to other hoteliers looking to achieve the same success. Could you tell us about the 'Direct Business Drive' you implemented in 2017? What were your aims, and what were the outcomes? Driving direct business is an ongoing and constant process in our company. Therefore, all our initiatives and projects aim for decent growth rates in our direct business. It is hard to specify "the one" project which brought us enormously forward. What we did in 2017 is implement certain payment options on our direct channels, we got professional in multivariate [testing], we connected some new metasearches and we released Chatbook - our new conversational booking engine for mobile users. Our general aim is to increase our direct booking volume 15% each year, and we doubled it in 2017. Our own websites are the second strongest online channel after That's something that makes me proud. Get the full story at Triptease