Kennedy Training Network Inc., USA, announced the publication of a book by KTN President Doug Kennedy. “Still On The Road To Sales and Guest Service Excellence” is a collection of monthly hotel training articles written by Kennedy from 1996 to 2012 and published worldwide in industry trade journals such as Hotel & Motel Management (now Hotel Management), The Rooms Chronicle, eHotelier, 4Hoteliers, HotelNewsResource,, Hospitality Trends,, HSMAI, Nevistas, Hsyndicate and Hotel-Online. Doug's articles, which have inspired hoteliers worldwide, are presented chronologically, allowing the readers to see how training strategies and techniques have evolved over time. Read how emerging technologies, such as online distribution, online guest reviews, and CRM technology have impacted hospitality sales and service training over the years. Although technology changes, Doug's core recommendations starting from his very first article are still relevant today. Here is a link to more information about Doug’s new book: Related Link: Kennedy Training Network Inc.