Metasearch is one the most effective channels to drive bookings to in-need properties. The availability of flexible bidding tools in the metasearch channel allows advertisers to be very specific in the way they prioritize budget and target users. By utilizing these bidding levers and internal occupancy data, it is possible to drive incremental bookings where and when they matter most. When done correctly, advertisers are able to improve current campaign performance in the following ways: 1. Booking gains of 15% to 20% 2. Up to a 10% improvement in conversion rate (CVR) 3. A 10% to 20% decrease in cost per click (CPC) Furthermore, advertisers gain the ability to dynamically shift budget to in-need hotels/markets. They are also able to better utilize incremental funding, empowering in-need properties to directly contribute to marketing initiatives that will drive results for their property. Get the full story at Koddi