As hotel marketers, we all know the basic profile of our customers through standard demographic information. Traditionally, we would use this to create content and begin telling the story of our property and how it stands out from competitors. But in today’s competitive environment, we must get smarter. The challenge is to create campaigns that align with your property’s goals, and tell the right story to the right people at the right time. Whether your goal is to improve brand awareness, increase clicks, or (most likely) generate revenue at the lowest possible cost of acquisition, make sure that you and your team are aligned on the end-goals. Next, start to develop smarter, more targeted content. Demographics tell us where guests come from, their gender, age, location etc., but they don’t really tell us who they are. That’s where Psychographics come in. Now this term might sound scary and complex, but all is really means is being able to dig a little deeper and develop a more “lifelike” portrait of your target consumer. Demographics give us the dry facts, Psychographics give us the juicy details about a person (or target market in this case). Get the full story at Leonardo