Travel-related queries originating in Thailand increased from 1,300 per minute in 2011 to 2,500 per minute early this year, with the proportion of searches conducted via mobile phone surging by a factor of 10 to 35 per cent, according to Business Insights with Google: Travel produced in partnership with Thai AirAsia. Travel companies that develop clear online and digital strategies will be better equipped to survive and profit in today’s market, while those that fail to do so risk falling by the wayside, said Ariya Banomyong, country manager for Google Thailand who highlighted that online generates 85 per cent of sales for Thai AirAsia. “If (travel experts) continue to just rely on their brick-and-mortar business and wait for people like you and me to go to them to buy an air ticket or tour, I think they are going to be very disappointed. They are in an era now where they have to go to the consumers.” Get the full story at TTG Asia