Your hotel no doubt has a lot to offer. It’s not a bad idea to advertise every positive aspect of your property; however, every customer has a limit to the amount of information they can retain. So it is important to prioritize how you present your message and (when possible) augment your message to hit the highlights. After all, this is the first date- they may not want to hear your life story. Now according to the TripAdvisor study, some amenities are considerably more influential than others. Below is a list from the study showing the percentage of customers who indicated that the availability of a specific amenity would influence whether or not they booked. 1. Free in-room Wi-Fi – 74% 2. Free Breakfast – 60% 3. In-room amenities – 58% 4. Free shuttle service – 35% 5. Staff who speaks the traveler’s language – 35% Get the full story at Koddi