When it comes to talking travel on social media, it isn’t exactly difficult to engage with users. “It is not as if travel brands have to sell laundry detergent,” says Carolyn Johnson, Senior Media Solutions Lead, Social at Google Inc. People are passionate about travel and keen to share their experiences. They are also willing to engage with great content and in particular with captivating photos and video. This, says Johnson, is something that Google+ does really well. “Pictures and videos tend to elicit most shares, +1s and comments than anything else,” she says, citing VisitGreece which has been particularly successful with its video and photo stream on Google+. Other travel brands engaging in a compelling way include Laterooms.com, Booking.com and Delta Airlines. In general, says Johnson, brands that have success on G+ are doing a variety of things but all are utilising the ‘basics’ of social marketing. In other words, they post often and truly engage with the audience with compelling content. Some brands have a G+ badge on their site, and some are using their own marketing techniques such as emails and so on to promote their G+ presence. “One unique thing we offer is the ability for brands to do Hangouts - Delta, Pure Michigan and most recently National Geographic have done Hangouts that were broadcast on their YouTube page, as well as G+,” she says. Get the full story at EyeForTravel