KSL Resorts, manager of nine world-renowned recreational resorts, is the first Duetto hotel partner to receive automated pricing recommendations enhanced by TravelClick's future-looking Demand360 competitor data - at the Monarch Beach Resort in Dana Point, Calif. Through a seamless integration between TravelClick and Duetto, KSL can now make optimal pricing decisions with a holistic view into future market demand. Demand360 for Duetto combines the exclusive future-looking market data of TravelClick's Demand360 with GameChanger's revolutionary Open Pricing, allowing hotels to optimize their pricing strategy against competitors for every channel and market segment. With 22,000+ properties globally contributing future and historical reservation data, Demand360 gives customers a comprehensive view of the competitiveness in their market. "With Demand360 and Duetto data integrated, we can now make automated updates to our pricing strategies," said Ian Pullan, General Manager at Monarch Beach Resort. "In today's increasingly complex and competitive landscape, it is crucial to have not only the insights but also the ability to take action in real time. With this integration, we can now always stay one step ahead of our competition." Get the full story at TravelClick