"We are happy to announce this partnership to make Duetto's solutions available to our hotels worldwide," said Victor Matsas Founder and CEO of WebHotelier. "Duetto's unique ability to price customer segments, offers and discounts independently provides a unique edge, giving our hotel clients access to data to make rooms available and priced to meet demand. Additionally, our state-of-the-art demand analysis module matches perfectly with Duetto's proactive yield management philosophy. We are glad to make these innovative solutions available to our hotels." Duetto delivers the most powerful revenue strategy solutions to the world's leading hotels and casinos, allowing them to better manage pricing, revenue and business-mix decisions with superior, actionable data. Under the new partnership, WebHotelier customers can access Duetto's and WebHotelier's solutions simultaneously, and coming soon, directly from their management portal on the WebHotelier dashboard. "We are happy to announce this integration with WebHotelier, a leading CRS provider and international hospitality partner," said Patrick Bosworth, Duetto's CEO and Co-Founder. "Today more than ever, hotels in all segments and in all markets seek solutions that allow for flexibility to fully optimize revenue and manage distribution complexity. We provide that solution – and look forward to working with WebHotelier International and its hotels to ensure they never leave money on the table again." Duetto is rapidly expanding worldwide. Last week, the company announced that hired or promoted another 20 professionals on the Duetto worldwide team, and the company launched offices its in London and Singapore late last year. Related Link: Duetto, WebHotelier