Duetto is one of the first hospitality technology companies to work with Oracle’s next generation property management systems, making Duetto’s insights on pricing and demand available to thousands of hoteliers worldwide who are planning to migrate or already are managing their properties through Oracle OPERA Cloud. Duetto’s integration with Oracle OPERA Cloud is designed to bring enhanced data fidelity to hoteliers using both technologies. With both systems running on cloud infrastructure, data can be easily transferred safely and accurately in real time. By moving to the cloud, hoteliers can deploy new capabilities much quicker, reduce overall IT costs and benefit from increased innovation through frequent product releases delivered without system downtime. “I am thrilled that Duetto is setting an example for hospitality technology companies to provide a combined solution with Oracle Hospitality OPERA Cloud,” said Patrick Bosworth, CEO and co-founder of Duetto. “The hotel industry has lagged in technology for years, but the new combination of Oracle’s cloud-based property management system and Duetto’s innovative Revenue Strategy platform provides hoteliers in all markets and at all types of property with cutting-edge solutions to help them run their businesses more efficiently and more profitably. Now hoteliers can optimize revenue and manage distribution complexity with enhanced data accuracy.” Get the full story at Duetto