Travel buyers are casting a wider net with their requests for proposals for hotel contracts as they face pressure to submit to dynamic pricing and a negotiating climate firmly in the hoteliers' favor, industry analysts report.

"The trend line this year is actually up," said Chris Wichers, COO of Arlington, Texas-based RFP provider Lanyon. "We're not quite midway through the period, so it's hard to know for sure, but there's been more activity and more bids to more hotels."

Corporate travel managers are facing a healthy hotel industry and an overall expected rise in corporate room rates of about 6 percent, although that increase could be much more in high-demand markets. Exploring as many options as possible through RFPs might be one way to minimize the impact of those increases on travel budgets, according to industry experts. On top of more RFPs, travel managers are focusing on more of the moderately priced options whenever possible, said Neysa Silver, commercial hotel manager for Carlson Wagonlit Travel's global hotel solutions.

The industry's strength, however, also means that there will be a larger rejection rate of RFPs by hoteliers, a trend travel management companies already have begun to notice.

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