The travel industry has been touting the benefits of “dynamic packaging” for some time, hailing this as the “killer app” of online travel booking.

Consumers have never had so much choice; they now have more flexibility, more visibility of pricing and this puts them firmly in the driving seat.

Travellers can build and book their entire holiday through one site, selecting the options that best meet their needs on price, dates, convenience and location.

Dynamic packaging allows them to juggle flights, accommodation, car hire, excursions and more from just one visit to a website.

Research from Multicom from 2005 predicted that dynamic packaging sales will total £2.4 billion and account for almost 35% of the UK travel market by 2007.

But do consumers even know what “dynamic Packaging” is? Do consumers understand the benefits? Do they want it?

AOL UK just completed some research into its members’ attitudes to online travel in general and specifically into what they make of dynamic packaging.

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