Meta search marketing: The “grand daddy” of Dynamic Rate Marketing, this DRM format has already proven itself as an invaluable revenue generation channel and a potent tool to shift share from the OTAs. Over the past few years we have seen an explosion of meta search travel sites and features, facilitated by advancements in digital technology and advertisers’ perceptions of these sites as “unbiased” online media players compared to the OTAs. Examples of prominent meta sites are: TripAdvisor, Google Hotel Finder and HPA,, Trivago, etc. Dynamic Rate Marketing has tremendous value proposition to both the travel consumer and hotelier. By combining online advertising and marketing campaigns with real-time hotel inventory availability and pricing, hoteliers can satisfy travelers’ demands for instant and truthful hotel pricing information, as well as respond in real time to changing market conditions and comp set behavior. The main benefit here is that advertised rates in ad campaigns (banners, meta search, email, etc.) change automatically when the hotel changes their rates in the PMS or CRS. For the hotelier, DRM dramatically increases campaign effectiveness and boosts conversion rates, and increases direct online bookings. Get the full story at the HeBS Blog