You spend precious time and money getting visitors to your site. You invest in SEO, PPC, banner ads, social media— the list goes on! The million dollar question is: once guests arrive at your website, do they book? The modern traveler is looking for a hotel that speaks to them, not at them. If you’re not optimizing your web experience to appeal to the individual you could be missing out on valuable ROI. Luckily, O’Rourke’s got you covered! Changing Content With O’Rourke’s Dynamic Website Content product, you can personalize elements of your website for each user. This makes your website more relevant to the individual thus maximizing your conversions. Let’s look at a few examples: Keyword: A bride-to-be arrives on your website after searching for something related to weddings. Normally, the image on the webpage she landed on is a picture of your property. However, O’Rourke’s Dynamic Content platform detects that she’s looking for content related to weddings and automatically switches out the image for a stunning wedding setup. Now, your website and your visitor are in sync—and it’s a perfect match. Geography & Weather: Let’s say your property is located in Florida. When a chilly New Yorker arrives at your website, O’Rourke’s Dynamic Content platform detects their location and local forecast and changes the content of your homepage to talk about how your resort makes a great winter getaway. You’ve diagnosed their cabin fever and offered them the perfect remedy: booking a stay with you. Calls to Action In addition to dynamically changing content to create a more personalized visitor experience, O’Rourke’s platform allows you to create calls to action based on different visitor profiles. These calls to action can be in the form of pop up banners or other, less invasive calls to action. Draw the attention of your visitors and entice them to take a specific action, based on their behavior and profile. OTA Visitor: A visitor arrives at your website from a link on an OTA website. O’Rourke’s Dynamic Content platform detects where the user came from and shows them an exclusive offer, encouraging them to book directly with you as opposed through the OTA. You’ve just increased your ROI in the blink of an eye. Return Visitor: A visitor returns to your within 3 days of their previous visit. Clearly, they’re interested in booking, but didn’t convert on their first visit. So, during their current session you show them an exclusive offer if they book now. Sweeten the deal a little and significantly increase your conversions. Now that’s success - can you taste it yet? Get the full story at O'Rourke