A smart but basic distribution strategy for hotels that want to maximize profitability goes like this: Start as far out in the booking window as possible by building your base of guests, most likely through negotiated group and wholesale business. Then yield your transient rates as the date approaches, ideally increasing price as you get closer to the date, so you can sell your last remaining rooms at a premium. In most cases, those early negotiated group and wholesale rates are contracted six months to a year in advance, and rooms are allotted at static rates, meaning they don’t change throughout the duration of the contract. But hoteliers are starting to see a shift in their ability to successfully move to a dynamic wholesale strategy. And as we know from revenue management 101, offering a dynamic rate as opposed to a static rate is better for everyone involved – it takes supply and demand into account, which better guarantees availability for guests and maximizes profitability for owners. Get the full story at Duetto