The majority of e-mail marketers are failing to use e-mail as a relevant marketing tool, at the same time that consumers are spending less time and attention on e-mail, according to Jupiter Research VP and research director David Daniels.

Recent Jupiter Research surveys find people are getting about the same number of e-mail messages, signing up for multiple e-mail accounts more often, and spending less time looking at e-mail. Those factors make it even more important for marketers to figure out how to break through and get their attention, Daniels told marketers yesterday at the ClickZ Specifics: E-mail Marketing conference in New York.

"It's become acceptable that in any given campaign, only one person out of 100 will do what we want, and 60 to 70 people will ignore you," he said. "That shouldn't be the case."

What marketers should be doing is focusing on relevance, which isn't happening enough, he said. The majority of marketers still use only basic personalization in e-mail campaigns, despite the fact relevant messages can lead to almost as many sales as free or discounted shipping offers.

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