Hotel comment cards – those personal remarks scribbled out by guests and dropped at the front desk – may become a thing of the past. And customer surveys – those questionnaires that show up within days after you check out – also may become a victim of modern technology.

Some hotels are doing away with those old-fashioned methods and are relying on e-mails from customers to gauge how their chains rate with visitors. Two of the nation’s largest hotel chains, Hilton Hotels and Marriott, have moved to an e-mail version of the suggestion box.

“We call them comment cards on steroids, with the added bonus of being statistically relevant,” says Jim Hartigan, Hilton’s senior vice president of customer and quality support.

By the end of summer, all of Marriott’s properties will eliminate paper comment cards in the rooms and stop mailing out customer surveys. In their place will be “online comment cards,” says Marriott spokesman John Wolf.

The hotels believe the switch to e-mails will ensure that all comments are recorded, giving a more accurate picture of their guests’ experiences. Some customer comment cards, the hotels had discovered, would disappear when guests left them at the front desk, especially if they contained negative comments about the staff or property.

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