Today’s consumers are increasingly demanding a more personalized service in their ecommerce experience. When they shop online, they provide a wealth of data: name, age, date of birth, gender, past purchases, product views and so on. Armed with this information, ecommerce stores can tailor their approach to their customers to provide them with products, offers and deals that they might be more interested in, and therefore more likely to buy. For example, the online retailer Amazon offers a staggeringly personalized service to its customers. Based on what you bought or even looked at in the past, they provide you with a range of products, TV shows, and films that you might be interested in. And the hospitality industry can take advantage of this too. With a variety of online visitor tracking tools out there, hotels and similar businesses can monitor individual customers when they visit their site, and tailor their offers and recommendations based on their behavior. For example, if a customer regularly looks specifically for family-friendly hotels, they can automatically show special offers, deals, and suitable hotels for them in later searches. This can be utilized across a variety of customer channels, including email. Get the full story at Duetto