eBay intends to integrate Skype into its auction service to further facilitate communication between buyers and sellers on the site, CEO Meg Whitman said at its Analyst Day late last week. The company also plans to use Skype to launch a pay-per-lead ad system to increase revenue on the site.

Describing the integration of PayPal and Skype with eBay as "the power of three," Whitman said that integrating Skype would help buyers connect with sellers in a simple and trusting fashion, one of eBay's chief missions. "PayPal created a simple yet incredibly powerful way to handle payments on the Web," she said. "Likewise, Skype found a whole new way to deploy voice technology to create the simplest online communications product in the world today."

Whitman also outlined eBay's plan for an ad system for the auction site, saying the firm would use Skype to create a pay-per-call-like model, with sellers in categories like autos, real estate, services and travel paying for each customer brought to them via voice communication.

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