Extensive consumer research undertaken for the study by research specialists Conlumino found that 35 per cent of people will not be taking a summer holiday this year. Furthermore, 20 per cent of people are cutting down on the overall number of holidays taken throughout the year. Of those who still plan on taking breaks, over half will be changing their holiday habits in order to save money. The findings suggest that the travel and tourism industry is still feeling the effects of the economic downturn, which began almost five years ago now. In total, some 44 per cent of consumers have taken action to save money on their leisure activities, as economic pressures have put constraints on household budgets. However, even in the present economic climate, figures indicate that people still consider taking holidays to be an important part of life and a key way of taking a break from work. Only around 10 per cent of people admitted to feeling guilty about taking holidays; a similar proportion admitted to have taken work with them on holiday in the past year. So, for many, the response to having less to spend on leisure has not been to sacrifice holidays altogether but to change the way they take holidays, and to find ways to take holidays without spending as much. For instance, approximately 15 per cent of people who intend to take a main summer holiday this year will be doing so in the UK instead of going abroad, in an attempt to save money – a ‘staycation’. Another 13.5 per cent will be opting for an all-inclusive package holiday. 12.5 per cent of people will take day trips away in order make up for having to compromise on their summer holidays – a ‘daycation’. Guy Chiswick, Managing Director of Webloyalty UK and Ireland said: “It is clear that the recession has made us more cautious about spending on holidays. One way consumers can look to get more for their money is by using cashback programmes and travel loyalty schemes as they allow them to save without having to sacrifice their holidays, which are an important part of their rest and wellbeing.” Related Link: Webloyalty UK