Email marketing is one of the most effective communication and promotion vehicles in the internet marketplace. Ninety percent of internet users and fifty-six percent of all Americans use email on a regular basis. Hotels benefit from email marketing because it?s fast, direct, cost-effective, and builds loyal relationships. It is one of the lowest cost channels available to the lodging industry to book rooms and build customer relationships. High quality email campaigns can deliver effective messaging that drives action and manages customer relationships.

Your email marketing practices establish your hotel?s image and reputation in the minds of people of who receive your campaigns and messaging. By following some simple guidelines and practices, you can run more effective email campaigns and ultimately enhance your reputation.

For your email campaigns to be truly effective, they have to be managed properly and conducted in a professional manner. This article as some practical tips - the nuts and bolts ? for hotelies for conducting effective email marketing campaigns that maximize their return on investment.

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