Originally for business travelers to plan and book trips, and stay informed on the road, the Egencia mobile app now offers global functionalities for other business travel roles, including: - Approve trips from anywhere: Travel approvers need to approve trips as quickly as possible to reduce the risk of inventory loss and price increase. Trips can now be reviewed and approved in two quick taps within the app. In two weeks since this feature went live, more than 200 requests were approved via the mobile app. - Duty of Care, a priority at all times: Travel managers have a duty of care to know where their travelers are at all times. Now they can locate their travelers in seconds by accessing the Traveler Tracker feature directly from the app. Traveler Tracker was created to help travel managers assess any crisis in just a few clicks on a desktop and now, by just tapping on the Egencia app. - Change or cancel trips anytime, anywhere: Since 2017, travel arrangers have been able to view their travelers’ trips through the mobile app. Using the latest version of the app, travel arrangers, as well as business travelers, can now cancel or exchange an existing trip. Get the full story at Egencia