Online travel management company Egencia, the former Expedia Corporate Travel, has announced its expansion into two new countries - India and Switzerland. The move follows recent expansion into Australia, Ireland and the Netherlands.

It will mean that companies and their travellers in the two countries will have access to local account management and customer service teams. Egencia will work with an established Swiss TMC for local fulfilment, which it says it cannot name for non-disclosure reasons.

The company has also announced the release of Egencia On The Go, a way to access itinerary information from PDAs and mobile phones. The company says On The Go will allow travel managers to approve or reject itineraries remotely but will not allow changes to itineraries to be made.

Also new is a partnership with expense management system provider Etap-On-Line and one other unnamed partner to provide integrated travel and expense management services to Egencia clients. The system will mean expense reports are automatically populated with travel booking information.

Egencia?s president, Jean-Pierre Remy, said: ?Our expansion into India and other European points of sale, along with an investment in our technology offering, are part of our commitment to meeting the needs of our clients during this critical time.?

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