Egencia will unveil a new approach to travel search at the GBTA Convention in Los Angeles on July 28-30, 2014. The new Egencia adaptive search technology leverages insights from travelers to deliver proactive, personalized flight search options. The technology enables a faster, more streamlined booking experience for travelers, while ensuring compliance with corporate travel policy. Even with recent advances in travel technology, searching and booking a trip is still a complex and long process. Expedia® user research shows that travelers can run up to 48 search queries before booking. At GBTA, Egencia is demonstrating its innovative, adaptive search technology which rapidly guides business travelers and arrangers to a set of options that are tailored to their preferences and company policy. It will initially be available for air search on Egencia® TripNavigator mobile products, followed by the online booking and travel consultant tools. "The booking process for business travel can be a real pain point as business travelers strive to combine demanding agendas, personal preferences and corporate requirements," says Sophie Krishnan, vice president of global marketing and product at Egencia. "Based on insights from our business travelers and extensive research with Expedia, our adaptive search technology should make the booking experience faster and more productive." Personalized Shopping Recommendations The Egencia adaptive search technology is designed to learn how travelers shop by analyzing data from sources such as their search preferences, most common keystrokes and past bookings. The search process is built to be adaptive so that when the traveler uses Egencia websites or mobile apps, subsequent searches require fewer inputs to reach the desired results. For travelers who frequently book similar trips, the technology pre-configures common search options in the first step of the search process. "This is a great feature that will make sure that the personalization built into the apps allows travelers to find the content they want, while the policy tags are easy to interpret. We want our travelers to have lots of options that fit their personal criteria, while guiding them to make a choice that balances their needs with our budget," says Jennie Robertson, travel manager with Tableau Software, an Egencia customer. More Tailored Choices; Not Just More Options In addition to learning the travelers' behavior, the search functionality also enables users to narrow the results by choosing what they like about a particular flight and tap to find further comparable results. For example, a traveler or arranger can simply ask for results with similar arrival time, airline or duration, and get tailored answers. Visual guides to travel policy swiftly narrow the options further to those that are compliant. Egencia will be showcasing its new offerings with live demos at the GBTA Convention in Los Angeles from July 28-30. Visit booth #2625 to find out more and see the latest Egencia innovations.